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My name is Stephen Donatelli and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA where I still reside. I've been a fan of 'The Sweet Science' since around the age of nine years old. I'm 38-years old and have been Married for two years to my wonderful Wife, Melissa Counahan Donatelli. Also, I attended CCAC-Allegheny Campus also in the heart of Pittsburgh. I remember the first Epic Fight on VHS my Dad played for me was 'Sugar' Ray Leonard against 'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler.  I've always been fascinated by reading books on Boxing, especially 'The Greatest' Muhammad Ali, who's also my favorite Fighter in History. In addition to Ali a few of my other favorite pugilists are:  Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker, 'Sugar' Ray Robinson, 'The Pittsburgh Windmill' Harry Greb, 'The Brown Bomber' Joe Louis, 'The Terror' Sam Langford, 'El Finito' Ricardo Lopez, and 'The Michigan Assassin' Stanley Ketchel. My small articles were published in Ring Magazine and KO Magazine in 1993. Then just last year a few of my predictions appeared in the digital edition of Ring magazine when Lem Satterfield was doing the column. I've covered about a dozen fights including a few Paul Spadafora bouts and most noticeably the Roy Jones Jr. against Antonio Tarver 3 in Florida. My passion for Boxing runs very deep as a true aficionado. I'm very privileged to be part of 'The Boxing Glove' team!  

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