Monday, September 4, 2017

On This Day: Jack "Twin" Sullivan Remembered

By Peter Silkov

Jack ‘Twin’ Sullivan was a strong and clever fighter who, during a 20 plus year career, fought many of the top fighters from middleweights, to heavyweight, of the 1900s and 1910s.

Born on September 23, on 1878, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sullivan began his fighting career in 1900, and during his career fought top names such as Patsy Sweeney, Owen Ziegler, Young Peter Jackson, Jack Palmer, Jack Blackburn, Steve O’Donnell, George Cole, Jack Williams, Philadelphia Jack O’Brien, Hugo Kelly, Mike Schreck, Charles’Kid’ Mccoy, Fireman Jim Flynn, Bill Squires, Al Kaufman, Stanley Ketchel, Marvin Hart, Sailor Burke, Frank Klaus, Billy Papke, Joe Jeannette, Porky Dan Flynn, Jack Dillon, Gunboat Smith, Soldier Kearns, and Joe Thomas.

Ketchel Vs. Sullivan
Sullivan never managed to gain a world title shot, but he spent 20 years fighting the best in the world in three weights.

Sullivan had his final fight on September 11, 1922, beating Tom Cotter on points over 10 rounds. Sullivan then hung up his gloves, with a final record of (52-21-32, 23koes).

Jack ‘Twin’ Sullivan was the Twin brother of Mike ‘Twin’ Sullivan, who won the world welterweight championship during his career. His other brother Dan, was also a boxer.

Jack ‘Twin’ Sullivan died on September 4, 1947, at the age of 68.

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