Saturday, August 26, 2017

On This Day: 'Cannonbal'l Eddie Martin Remembered

By Peter Silkov

Eddie ’Cannonball’ Martin was an exciting all-action fighter, with a relentless style and during his career, he fought many of the top fighters of his era, from bantamweight to lightweight. Born Eduardo Vittorio Martino on February 26, 1903, in Brooklyn, New York, Martin turned professional in 1921, and within two years, he was fighting top class opposition. Amongst the top names that Martin fought were, Charley Phil Rosenberg, Midget Smith, Charley Goodman, Abe Goldstein, Cowboy Eddie Anderson, Davey Abad, Tod Morgan, Johnny Dundee, Marty Goldman, Al Singer, and Al Dunbar.

Martin won the New York State world bantamweight title on December 19, 1924, when he out-pointed Abe Goldstein over 15 rounds. ‘Cannonball’ lost his world title on March 20, 1925, when he was out-pointed over 15 rounds by Charley Phil Rosenberg.

Eddie carried on fighting, moving up to featherweight, then lightweight. He had one more world title chance, when on July 18, 1927, he fought Tod Morgan for the World junior-lightweight, but was out-pointed.

Eddie ’Cannonball’ Martin retired with a final record of 81(29koes)-12-4.

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