Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Caris Boxing Club: ' The Big Spar' Helps Raise Funds & Awareness for the Homeless

By Peter Silkov

On Saturday night I had the privilege of going to Caris Boxing Club’s annual ‘Big Spar’ at Pooles Park School, London.  Boxing often gets bad press in the general media, but if you want to see the good that boxing can do in people’s lives, then you need look no further than the Caris Boxing Club. Set up by Sam Hadfield with the aim of helping the homeless, and those suffering from addictions, depression and special needs, the Caris Boxing Club is not about producing professional boxing champions, but about making its members champions of their own lives. Sam and other volunteers help those in need overcome the kind of issues that can affect anyone, such as addiction and depression, but often go ignored, and untreated. 

Sam Hadfield is much more than just a boxing coach, he is also a life coach and mentor, who has a great affinity with his boxers. Caris is open to people of all ages, but it is also especially geared to helping young people who have had a difficult start in life, and have lost their way. The Caris Boxing Club provides support and motivation with boxing training, help with housing, and dealing with addictions.  Caris also helps its boxers with education and training for work.

Boxing has long been a sport which can build peopl’es characters and confidence, as well as physical fitness, and the Caris Boxiong Club is a powerful reminder that the sport is not all about producing professional champions.

The Caris Boxing Club has been registered with the Amateur Boxing Association, making it the first boxing club for the homeless to receive such official recognition.

Saturday nights Big Spar saw the club raise almost £2000. The annual event is a mixture of fund raiser and celebration, featuring a night of sparring between its members and guest appearances by amateur boxers from other clubs, as well as some veteran ex-fighters from both the professional and amateur ranks. Judging by the large turnout, The Big Spar is growing in popularity year by year

One of the highlights of the night came when Sam handed out his awards, which are given to outstanding members of his club, not so much for their boxing ability, but for how they have used their boxing at Caris to turn their lives around. The night was given an added bonus by the arrival of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who proceeded to help present the awards. It was nice to see such a high ranking politician giving something back in such a relaxed manner, seemingly devoid of spin. 

All in all, it was a great night, and a powerful demonstration of why Caris is such a positive thing.  In these times of hardship, we could do with many more clubs like the Caris Boxing Club, helping communities, and providing support and guidance for people who have lost their way in life. The CarisBoxing Club is breaking down barriers, and showing that there can be a way out for people whose lives have taken a wrong turn. Homelessness and addiction are still taboo subjects for many people, but it shouldn’t be that way.  

The Caris Boxing Club are trying to raise money for The Big Spar 2016 Fundraiser to support the club.

Caris Boxing supports the homeless, vulnerable adults with mental issues.If you would like to donate:

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