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Interview: Blaine Donkor Makes His Pro Debut On October 1 in New Jersey

Stephen Donatelli Lounging with Friend and Pugilist Blaine Donkor

Exclusive for ‘THE BOXING GLOVE!’

By Stephen Donatelli

S.D: Man it’s great to actually see you getting this PRO debut. When and Where will it be taking place?

Donkor: It’s on October 1st and somewhere in New Jersey. 

S.D: What are some of your earliest memories of boxing and if possible, what age?

Donkor:  Happy Lora vs Bernardo Mendoza, I was 3 years old. 

S.D: You were born in Ghana , right Bee? You came to USA when?

Donkor: Yes, I was born in Ghana. I came to the USA when I was 5 years old. I now live in Maryland. 

William Joppy & Bee Donker
S.D: Name me some of your current favorite boxers [Old or Current]. 

Donkor: Favorite 5: Jersey Joe,  Archie Moore, James Toney, Tommy Loughran, and George Benton.

 3 Current......Nobody, but I like Crawford, Lomachenko, and Plant...they have showed old school boxing; no running, just giving distance, but able to fire right back, good defense, hand speed, good power, and movement. 

S.D: Who were your  2 favorite earliest boxers as a kid?

Donkor: ‘Joltin’’ Jeff Chandler and ‘Miguel’ Happy Lora!  

S.D: {Laughs} We talked about this, and Me and You both know, Lora should be in the Boxing Hall-of-Fame!

What delayed you from turning to the professional ranks?

Donkor: I wanted to turn Pro when I was 19, but unfortunately, I suffered my hands (twice). 

S.D: What Weight Class will you fighting in and what’s your amateur background experience?

Donkor: Welterweight. My amateur background was (25-4,20koes) by stoppage, fought Danny ‘Swift’ Garcia and lost by bull-crap, sparred Joachim Alcine!  Also, Trainer, Jesse Reid, didn't want me sparring Gabe Rosado, sparring Phil Jackson, embarrassed Willis Lockett, didn't see any point of the AIBA or ABF because the experience was already there. 

 S.D: What is your favorite punch?

Donkor:  And my favorite punch is the left hook, NATURALLY!  LOL.

S.D: If you could spar any time fighters from any era , who would It  be?

Donkor:  James ‘Lights Out’ Toney and Billy Graham!

S.D: You have any tattoo’s on you?

Donkor: 1 tattoo. Outside of boxing, favorite athlete has to be Zinedine Zidane, and Clarence Seedorf, I grew up a huge football aka soccer fan, and Tony Yeboah of course.

S.D: Do you have any siblings that are into the boxing scene?

Donkor: Just me!

S.D: You and I always talk about ‘The Pittsburgh Windmill’, Harry Greb, quite possibly being the greatest boxer of all-time, but I noticed you didn’t bring him up amongst your top 5 Pound-4-Pound pugilists fighters; why is that [Laughs]?

Donkor: None are better than Greb at all, Greb is a God, so would never put him in a top 5, he's the creme de la crème!

S.D: How would you construct a perfect boxer if you could, thanks?

Donkor: Brains - James Toney. Muscular structure - George Benton. Power - Jersey Joe Walcott.  Jab - Billy Graham. Uppercut – SRR. Stamina – Loughran. Footwork - Jersey Joe Walcott!  

That about wraps it up, my man, Blaine Donkor (Bee Love)! I’ll be talking to you as usual and ready to envision you as the champion at welterweight one day! Thanks so much for doing this for uS at THE BOXING GLOVE, respectfully!

*Stephen  Donatelli is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and contributes to www.theboxingglove.com. If you would like to contact him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/steved2012?fref=nf

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