Sunday, July 17, 2016

On This Day; Jack Slack: The Norfolk Butcher Remembered

By Peter Silkov

Jack Slack was a Bareknuckle prizefighter who won the Heavyweight championship of England.  Though standing just 5’ feet 8” inches tall, he was a powerfully built man, weighting round 200 pounds, and although he was not skilful or fast, he was very strong with a heavy punch.

Nick named ‘The Norfolk Butcher’ Slack was born on 1721 (month unknown) in Thorpe, Norfolk, England. 

Slack had his first serious fights in 1743, when he won the Heavyweight Championship of Norfolk.  In 1748, Slack sold a butchers shop that he owned and moved to London, and opened a school of boxing in Bristol.

On April 11, 1750, Slack won the Heavyweight championship of England, when he beat long time champion Jack Broughton in 14 minutes.

Slack defended his title 4 times over the next 10 years, losing his title in his 4th defence on June 17, 1760, when William Stevens beat him in 27 minutes.

Following the loss of his title, Slack retired from the prize ring, and opened a shop in Chandos Street, London. 

Jack Slack died on July 17, 1768 (though some reports have Slack dying in 1778.)

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