Saturday, July 16, 2016

Big Fight Report: The Jackal Ends Dickens' Dream With One Punch

By Peter Silkov

It took just one punch for Guillermo Rigondeaux to show tonight, July 16th, why he is boxing’s most avoided champion. ‘The Jackal’ successfully defended his WBA world super-bantamweight title at the Ice Arena, in Cardiff, Wales, when challenger, Jazza Dickens, was pulled out by his corner after the 2nd round with a broken jaw. The injury was caused in the 2nd round, when Rigondeaux landed the punch of the fight, a left hand to the side of Dickens face, which the challenger did well to take without going down.  However when Dickens returned to his corner a few minutes later, it was found that his jaw was broken and despite his protests, he was pulled out of the fight.

It’s hard to think of a more heartbreaking result for Dickens, who was holding his own, aside from that one big punch from the champion. The brief fight had been uneventful up to the point of impact, with Rigondeaux making his usual slow start in the 1st round as he studied his challenger and Dickens himself trying not to give anything away.  What few punches did connect cleanly in the 1st round came from Rigondeaux. 

The second round followed a similar pattern as the 1st, with both champion and challenger boxing cautiously, but even at this cautious pace, it was easy to see the class in Rigondeaux work. What punches Dickens did throw were missing by mere fractions of inches, as the champion moved his head and upper body to slip the punches almost imperceptibly.  This is where Rigondeaux’s genius lays, he is a master counter-puncher, almost a lost art in this ancient sport, and an art which is certainly undervalued by many of today’s so called experts and certain promoters.

The Jackal waits for one chance, one opening, then he strikes.  This is what happened when he landed with that one punch on Dickens’ face.  The challenger had been fighting an intelligent fight, trying not to give anything away, yet also attempting at times to land some punches of his own, while remaining cagey.  In the end, Rigo landed that one, dynamite left hand, and that was all he needed.

It was a bittersweet victory for The Jackal, whose appearance in front of the Welsh fans was disappointingly brief.  On one hand the champion had showed that his reflexes look to have remained sharp, despite his age and recent inactivity, he also showed the potency of his punching power, which is a big clue as to why his opponents are so often unwilling to come forwards against him.

Photo:Sky sports
Unfortunately for Rigo, he was unable to gain many rounds, which he probably regrets.   

Rigondeaux now seems to be set for a return to Wales on September 17, 2016,  with his opponent unknown.  Once again it is unlikely that ’The Jackal’ will find too many fighters that are eager to face him, and we all know why.

Watch the fight:

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