Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On This Day: Eddie Wimler: The Fair Haven Terror Remembered

By Peter Silkov

Eddie ’The Fair Haven Terror’ Wimler was a rough and tough featherweight fighter, who stood just 4’ feet 11” and a half inches, but was a little powerhouse of a fighter.  Born on January 15, 1892, in Sachsen, Germany, (Saxony) but moved with his parents as a child to America, where they settled in Fair Haven, Pennsylvania.

After working for some time in the mines as a youngster, like his father had, Eddie Wimler became a professional fighter in 1910, and showed that it was a profession for which he was well suited.  Over the next 14 years he fought a busy campaign, against bantamweights and featherweights. Wimler was always a journeyman rather than a genuine challenger for the world title, but he was always a tough proposition for any of his opponents, and a very popular crowd-pleaser with the fans.  Some of the fighters whom he fought, included, Patsy Brannigan, Babe Picato, Johnny Ray, Eddie Carver, Jack ’Kid’ Wolfe, Johnny Fundy, Joe Lynch, Memphis Pal Moore, Joe Burman, Ko Circus, Danny Kramer, Al Corbett, and Johnny Fundy. 

Wimler was the older brother of Chalky Wimler, who also had a successful boxing career, and for much of his boxing career his older brother Billy Wimler managed him.

Eddie Wimler’s final fight was a 6 rounds point’s defeat to Johnny Fundy on April 14, 1924.  The toughness of ‘The Fair Haven Terror’ can be measured by the fact that in well over 170 recorded bouts during his career, Wimler was never stopped or knocked out.  Wimler’s final verified record, including news paper decisions, 74(13koes)-66-44.

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