Thursday, June 23, 2016

On This Day: Dave Shade Remembered

By Peter Silkov

Dave Shade was a clever and tough fighter, who made up for his lack of punching power with his speed, fitness, and ring craft.  Shade was born Charles Dave Shade on March 1, 1902, in Vallejo, California, and began his boxing career in 1918 at the age of 16 years old. 

During his career, Shade was a busy fighter, taking part in over 200 contests, and fighting from welterweight to middleweight, against some of the best fighters of his time.  The fighters whom Shade met in the ring included, Danny Kramer, Ever Hammer, Jack Britton, Mickey Walker, Pinky Mitchell, Bermondsey Billy Wells, Allentown Joe Gans, Augie Ratner, Pete Latzo, Bert Colima, Jimmy Slattery, Sammy Slaughter, Ben Jelby, Ace Hudkins, Len Harvey, Jack Hook, Roland Todd, Frank Moody, Maxie Rosenbloom, Rene De Vos, Kid Charol, and Fred Henneberry.

Shade fought for the World welterweight title 3 times, coming frustratingly close to victory, twice.  On February 17, 1922, Shade challenged Jack Britton for the title and held Britton to a 15-round draw.  Britton, however, kept the world title.  In his second attempt at winning the world title on July 27, 1923, Shade was out-pointed over 10 rounds by Jimmy Jones for the New York State version of title. 

In his third, and what turned out to be his last shot at the World welterweight title, on September 21, 1925, Shade challenged Mickey Walker, and after a thrilling fight was deemed by most observers to be very unlucky to lose a point's decision, after 15 rounds.

Shade carried on fighting for another 10 years, always against top opposition, and with much success, yet he never gained another shot at a world title.

In his last fight, on December 2, 1935, Shade out-pointed Paulie Sykes over 10 rounds, and retired with a final record of 156(17koes)-29-60.

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