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The Boxing Glove Awards 2015: The Fight That Never Should Have Been Award

The Boxing Glove Awards 2015
The Fight That Never Should Have Been Award
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs.  Andre Berto
World Welterweight Championship
Sept 12, 2015. MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Following the disappointment, which was Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, Floyd staged his ’final’ fight against Andre Berto. To say that the choice of Berto as an opponent was underwhelming would be an overstatement.  In fact, many pro-Mayweather fans were sure that it was some sort of bluff or joke and that as the fight approached, Berto would drop out of the match with an ’injury,’ and the replacement would be more acceptable and exciting for all concerned.  Although an ex-world champion in his own right, Berto’s career has been on the wane for the last few years, with just 6 contests in the last 5 years in which he had gone an unimpressive 3-3.

Floyd’s hopeful fans waited for the opponent to change, but there was no change.  September 12th came, went, and so did the fight. It was as predictable and forgettable as had been feared.  Berto was brave, but no match for the far technically superior Mayweather Jr.  So Floyd Mayweather Jr’s career bowed out against a man whose style was made for him, after a fight that never should have been, and that many boxing fans didn’t even bother to watch. 

Watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs. Andre Berto:

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