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The 2015 Boxing Glove Awards: Knockout of the Year: Vincente Ko 3 Dominguez

The Boxing Glove Knockout Of The Year 2015
Yenifel Vincente KO 3 Juan Dominguez
December 8, 2015, Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, New Jersey.

In a fight that pitted two Dominican Republic born 122-pound, super-bantamweight, fighters against each other, for the main event of this televised Premier Boxing Champions show, both these fighters had a lot on the line going into this fight.  Firstly, both fighters had been born in the Dominican Republic before settling in America, (Dominguez in Brooklyn, New York, and Vincente in Miami, Florida) so there was a lot of personal pride at stake between these two boxers. Dominguez went into the match unbeaten in 19 fights, with 13 koes, while Vincente entered the match with a 28(20koes)-3-2 record. 

The action was frenetic from the start, as both men bombarded each other with shots, Dominguez throwing straighter more deliberate punches, while Vincente threw his punches in more flashy clusters.  The 1st round ended about even, and the fighting continued at the same breathless pace in the 2nd round, with the only break in the action coming when Dominguez was warned twice by the referee for punches that were straying low.  Both times Vincente was given some time to rest and recuperate from the low punches. To be fair, Dominguez did not look like he was hitting low purposely, rather he was being over-anxious in his efforts to land his body shots.  At the end of the 2nd, there was still little in it, and much depended upon whose work you liked best, Dominguez’s more rangy punch-picking, or Vincente’s explosive combinations. 

The 3rd round started off just like the first two rounds, with both men taking turns to unload their shots, while looking for a crack in the armory of their opponent. That chink in the armor finally showed itself a little after 10 seconds of the rounds beginning, when a sudden, vicious, overhand right from Vincente that caught Dominguez flush on the jaw, just as he was throwing a punch of his own. Dominguez fell to the canvas face first, landing on his side, before toppling onto his back.  Dominguez was out cold before he even hit the deck, prompting referee Earl Brown to stop the fight instantly, without a count.  It was a spectacular, but scary knockout.  As Vincente jumped high into the air, and let out a victory cry, Dominguez lay unconscious, being attended to by his corner men and several medics.  After some minutes, Dominguez was taken from the ring on a stretcher as an elated yet concerned Vincente looked on.  Once more boxing’s power to be bitter sweet had been savagely displayed.  One mans triumph was another’s defeat.

Watch the fight:

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