Friday, June 21, 2013

Lopez Vs. Ayala

24 years ago one of the greatest ever world featherweight title fights took place between defending champion Danny Lopez and challenger Mike Ayala in San Antonio Texas... in a real old fashioned shootout between a slugger and a counter puncher.... this fight has everything... twists and turns of fortune.... controversy.... skills... (watch Ayalas brilliant counterpunching off the ropes!) ...and lots of toe to toe no nonsense slugging.... its no accident that this was the fight of the year for 1979.... and '79 was a good year for great fights... enjoy!

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  1. This fight is certainly one of the best. Having grown up in South Texas, I am very familiar, as we all were, with the entire Ayala family--one very tough family of fighters. The amateurs hated to face them in the ring. This also goes to show you how good Little Red Lopez was. Saw him a couple of years ago in Canastota after having fallen on some hard times. Remember the Reyes gloves?