Sunday, February 3, 2013

Round One

Round One

     My first memory of boxing is watching Muhammad Ali in the later part of his career and marveling at his speed, despite his size.
" You should have seen him when he was young!" I remember my father saying. This heightened the feeling within me; that I was watching someone and something special.  A little while after I had seen my first glimpse of Muhammad Ali fighting on TV, I was given my first boxing book for a Christmas present.  The book was A Pictorial History of Boxing (I still have it today!) I remember pouring over the pictures of fighters, past and present, and reading the history of the different divisions, the mini biographical sketches of the Greats, and some of their classic fights. I was already hooked! This was to be the first of hundreds (and still counting!) of boxing books and magazines.   Later, there would be videos and Dvds (still counting!) of classic fights; many fought before I was even thought of... the collection had begun!  I’ve started this blog with the aim of sharing some boxing memories and documenting my ever growing collection of fights, books,  as well as discussing present day boxing, its politics, fights and fighters.  I hope that my fellow boxing enthusiasts will find something of interest here and maybe contribute a comment or two.  This is the first round of this venture and so,  I guess we will have to see which way this particular journey will go...


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